Sweet Dreams Are Handmade

I love this guitar fabric and you have probably seen it before however this is used on a pillowcase...I made lots of pillowcases around Christmas time and forgot to post about them. It was the kind of project where I just don't want to see another pillowcase for a while...need a little break from them. They are fun to make and what's great is you can customize them to whatever decor you want. Anyhow this one is long gone and I just realize I should have taken a picture of it on the pillow (Duh!) oh well! To package them as a gift I used leftover material ripped into a long ribbon ...easy peasy and no waste! I am always looking for creative ways to package items...do you have any ideas? Would love to hear about them...


  1. Hi Sue!! Love the idea to make custom pillow cases as gifts. I think even I might be able to figure out how to sew that. :>

    As for packaging ideas, sewing a little drawstring bag for a fabric option or if you're willing to play with paper, there are lots of templates out there (some free, some cost). I have two that I'll be posting this week that I used for teacher's gifts.

    Have a great one! :>

  2. I will be sure to check out those templates...thanks!

  3. i sooo need to make some new pillowcases! thanks for the info....


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