spring craft fair season

springs a comin' and i have been busy working on sweet little coin purses for an upcoming craft fair called
Ravenswing...it's my first outdoor show but i am excited to see everyone downtown in the heart of Ottawa.
I am also writing a little article about the crafty side of Ottawa for an entrerpeneur marketing company...check back soon to get the deets.  I have really enjoyed photographing my favorite little spots of Ottawa for the
article...enjoy the day!


sewing zips

I have been busily sewing zips for some of the shops I stock.  I can't wait for some new fabric to arrive...ordered some for spring..have also been working on finishing curtains for our living room..(about time after nine years of living here!) and sewing some designer pillow covers to bring spring in.  Am totally loving a print I found which is green-blue geometric.  Trying to tackle invisible zips too...any advice would be appreciated.  Enjoy the sun!


Project Priceless & Sweetstitch Interview /Giveaway

retro owl!

Jordan and Brian are two young people who were involved in a fantastic social media experiment...the experiment was to plan and put on a wedding free of charge.  In their own words the experiment also involved  "stretching the realms of:
-eco-stewardship on a budget
-social media and its magical powers of connection
-thinking outside the wedding 'box'
-utilizing local and indie vendors to create a stellar event"

whoever contributed got a huge shout-out on their blog..they are hip, crafty and not afraid of DIY...so I was really excited to be their Indie Artisan Spotlight on the sister blog:  Project Priceless:  The Nest- which chronicles the next stage of married life.  Check out the deets here to learn more about the project and the sweetstitch giveaway!  The draw will take place February 28th...good luck!


visual art by my son

Pencil Portrait of my husband

mountain and sunrise

clay sculpture

inspired by naive painting style
My son is getting ready to apply to an Arts High School in our city (the only one actually) and he has been hard at work on his portfolio...I am so proud of his accomplishments I just had to share them!  It is quite competitive to get in ..out of 500 applicants every year only half are accepted so I am hoping he gets in...it really is a passion of his to create.  He was even thinking of doing some pencil portraits for tourists in our downtown market area this summer.  Enjoy!


sewing a wrap jacket

I have been trying to do a bit of sewing for myself recently and here is the result!  It's a chic wrap style jacket/top from the book Chic & Simple Sewing.  Love the pattern and can't wait to try one maybe in a solid colour?  Christmas was a whirlwind with ups and downs...my grandmother passed away on Christmas Day however despite this sad time there were joyful times spent with family too.  I hope all of your holidays were filled with laughter and love.


a new look

well here she is ...my new logo!  i hope to convey modern, vibrant, sweet and little bit bold...the sweetness comes from the two S shapes forming a little heart! Aiko did a wonderful job creating this design...many thanks to her hard work. ...will be concentrating on pouches/small items for the shop i find them so much fun to sew and love that they are so handy. To prepare for this i will have lots of pincushions on sale some are listed ..more to come!
curious to know what color combos you favor? pink and brown, blue and gray....??


new colours!

Some new colours for christmas zipper pouches...these are on their way to Flock and Workshop Boutiques in Ottawa!  what do you all think of greys and reds?? right now i am so loving these colours...check out these
boutiques and shop local this season...i know i am trying too as much as i can!  what about you?  these won't be in the etsy shop as they are limited editions but just contact me if you would like some for little gifts under $20 (i can duplicate a few in the fabrics above)- for colleagues, secret santa, girlfriends, teens - let me know!  cheers