Potholder with Scarlet Fig Fabric

Thanks to Laurie Wisburn of Scarlet Fig Fabric for sharing the potholder I made on her blog! Her gorgeous fabric is used in the center (little birdie on chair)...you can check it out here. I also read that some of her fabrics have just been licensed by Kaufman Fabrics debuting in Spring 2010 so congratulations!...an inspiration. I am trying to stash bust by using all my scraps I have lying around hence I have been on a potholder binge lately...I love making them and they are so beautiful and practical. I am also working on an apron for a friend - full apron that could almost be used as a dress (halter style) made a prototype for myself from a recycled Ikea duvet cover...I love wearing it although it's pale blue and summery looking.


  1. I love the potholder and thanks so much for your support on the Kaufman deal. Much appreciated and HAPPY HOLIDAYS Sue!

  2. Thanks Laurie! I have an idea for a tote bag using your fabric...just have to have the time to make it!


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