Kitcheny Goodness

I am thinking of having a spring/summer sale so starting to plan now...I will probably be focusing on kitchen goods, -aprons, potholders, cloth napkins. Trying to maintain a "green" lifestyle has been a part of my sewing projects from early on. The above potholder incorporates a vintage tea towel (yellow bits,snail and recipe writing)...I love making and designing useful items. I see completed sewing projects from fabrics that used to be clothes, tablecloths, sheets etc. and snap them up when I can. I also love combining my "old" fabrics with little pops of my growing stash of new designer fabrics. Lots of ideas in my head lately , hoping to bring to reality soon. I have also been thinking of changing the name of my part-time business to "Stitched" - "Freshly Sewn Goods" - or leaving it as is (Fine Hand Shop).... any suggestions?? if I choose one of yours you will receive one of my potholders made from a combination of upcycled and designer fabrics! Thanks for reading!
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