Heart Garland

Thank goodness for bright colored felt! It cheers me up on these dark winter days. Inspired by Made by Rae's heart garland here I used up all my tiny scraps of felt from making a few celebration crowns. Rae's garland was quite long so mine is a bit on the short side...plus I didn't have time to cut out more hearts. You probably need about fifty hearts to make a nice long garland for your mantel. Next time I want to use different colored felt...maybe an all blue beachy heart garland...something non-traditional. Well it's back to MANY wip's not yet finished. I get so excited about new projects that I tend to drop what I am doing and move on to the latest thing...Do you do this too?? just curious.


  1. The garland is oh so cute!!! I can feel the love...
    Oh you're not alone. I'll drop my wips to do a fun new project all the time.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh so fun! You are definitely on a roll!

    Yes! I do have many half finished projects. Sometimes that works out well though, when I want to work on something, but don't really want to think. At least that works out well when I have a project started that has already had all the thinking done and decisions made on it and just requires the assembly or work to be done. Those are the half done projects that more easily get picked up and worked on, even if I'm tired. I guess it just depends on what I'm up for! :>

  3. I have a box of 'unfinished' sewing projects. Some I will get to eventually, and others, well, who knows what will happen with them, ;)

    I also made this sweet little heart garland when I saw Made by Rae's post. So simple and sweet looking, it's now a permanent fixture in my daughter's room.


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