find the buckets!

Haven't had the time to write lately...cleaning house...kids home from school..you get the idea. I was excited to see my lil' fabric buckets featured on whip up here. I am at the bottom right hand corner...fun!!

1. Doll Quilt Swap 9, 2. doily, 3. carpillowingrass, 4. far far away 2 strip quilt, 5. french knot B slanted, 6. the basket, 7. Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss, 8. Charm pack quilt, 9. Crocheted soap saver, 10. brattleboro hat, 11. sewing ♥, 12. Softie Mama and Baby Kangaroo Nesting Doll Set, 13. Rounds, 14. orange and aqua, 15. DSCF2043, 16. lil’ fabric buckets

Have been making some summer clothes for my daughter and am excited to make myself a jacket (think japanese wrap style)..are you doing any summer crafting or sewing or just taking a break?


  1. Cool link up! :> I had just visted you here a bit ago, looking to see if you've posted! lol :> Your link up great and always love checking out new to me sites! Hope your summer is going well, Sue! :>

  2. Well done! Your buckets are great.


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