cutlery rolls

I have been wanting to make cutlery rolls forever - finally got around to it. The inside material on this one is thrifted bed sheets. Love repurposing fabric when I can. The outside fabric is a nice sturdy gray linen. Love the little napkin I made - these are great for traveling or bringing to work...it just elevates your eating experience using silver cutlery then cheap plastic. Seems to me I sew items at the end of the season (had this in mind for spring sewing!) oh well better late than never. I will have a little more time to sew when the kids are off to school. I might participate in a craft show this Christmas too...do any of you have craft show experience? any tips for a newbie? how much inventory do you bring?


  1. These are super cute, and what a great way to model "greenness." Is there anything between the two layers of fabric? No craft show experience for me...

  2. This is really cute!!! I also like the choice of fabric and colors. It feels sooo good to repurpose things.

  3. Glad to see you finally got to make something from your "want to do list"! Looks cute too and very useful having a trendy carry cozy for your utensils!


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