apples, pears, and hearts oh my!

well....here is what i was up to these past few days...sweet table trivets! they are a little zakka - and a little grandma - old fashioned yet modern in design. i was thinking they might look cute all displayed on a clothesline. i love sewing items that are cute and functional at the same time and i like how they fluff up a bit after laundering. by the way you may have noticed i have put a picture of myself on the sidebar - strange it has taken me this long but i find i remember people better by face...feel like i know them a bit better. happy thursday!


  1. Nice to See you! :> Your pic & your trivets look great. I just love the squared off geometrics of the stitching paird with the rounded & curvy shapes of the fruit, heart, & circles. Hope you're headed into a great weekend, Sue!

  2. nice pic! you are more brave than me :-) I love your sewing work - really effective.

  3. The trivets look awesome! I just love the colors and the simplicity of it and the idea of hanging it on a clothesline would be perfect. You are beautiful! I like the pic of you! ;)

  4. Lovely picture! I should probably display myself on my blog too but am too gutless! lol. I placed a pic of myself on Facebook and my friend took one look and said "Well.....you don't look insane" What the?!! Why did the word insane pop into her head if she wasn't thinking it? hehe. So no more pics of me. lol

    Love your trivets by the way!


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