in anticipation of christmas...

already thinking about holiday time... and halloween hasn't even passed! I gathered up the courage to apply to my first organized craft show...hopefully I will be accepted. Either way I will try to have some sort of show so that is how I am looking on the bright side. Lots of hard work ahead but work that I so enjoy...will keep you all posted. good luck to all the kiddos returning to school this week and good luck to the parents for trying to get back into the fall routine!


  1. Good for you!! I'm starting to toy with ideas for Christmas and am hoping I find time for them. I also hope you'll blog your experience with the craft show and your creations! :>

  2. Ooooh how fun! Your first craft show! I had a great experience with my first show last year. Definitely keep us posted!

  3. Good luck with your very first craft show! Hope it is awesome fun!


love for you to share...