hello again

after taking a wee break from sewing...i am slowly starting again - i have a sweet raglan sleeve dress to finish for my daughter and a few christmas gifts to complete. are any of you sewing christmas gifts? i also have some of my items available locally at a wonderful store called Mother Earth. I love that Dawn, the owner, supplies tons of natural products without any chemicals to support a holistic lifestyle. My daughter has sensitivities to anything with SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) so I know how hard it can be to find soap and shampoo without this. We also have a new addition to our household...take a peek at the little button above...stay tuned.

happy sewing! and thanks again to my customers who came out to local shows! it's nice to see support of a handmade holiday!


  1. Thanks a lot for you nice comment. Actually, i don`t know where the coockies originally come from. They are called " Spitzbuben " wich means something like " rascal " . By the way, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog ! I just love the simple and stylish layout, photos and
    things you make.
    greetings from Germany naehmeise

  2. Cute button! I'm guessing you have gone and got yourself a little kitty? Well watch out. While they have you laughingly distracted with one paw the other paw is attempting to do something devious! lol

  3. you are right...kitty pics coming soon


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