sweet little teddy

I have been trying my hand at teddy bears recently..and here is the result! I want to introduce something for kids...something classic, sweet and small. Out of all the animal toys out there I find teddys never go out of style and these are the perfect size for small hands. I have an idea for a more boyish one but I will have to experiment...can't wait to have a whole bunch lined up - ready to loved and cherished. Does anybody still have childhood teddys? we have one my husband made in home ec class - it is kind of different as it has angel wings sewn on and he never got round to putting the eyes on!


  1. Oh, what a nice little teddy, I love teddys very much, unfortunately I haven't childhood teddy just little dolls !

  2. ADORABLE! I can't wait to see more of these cuties.

  3. I do and I'm keeping them for future family generations. I used to collect stuffed animals (mainly teddy bears) when I was little and I named every single one. I like the fabric you chose.


  4. I love your teddy! He is very cute and I look forward to seeing some more. Have a Merry Christmas.


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