friday faves

organic lavender sachet in the shop

thought i would start a little series of "friday faves" - interesting items, ideas, pics, blogs etc. from blogland - there are so many favorites out there and i have bookmarked so many links thought i would share them with everyone...so today i have two favorite blogs to share ..enjoy!

inspirational blog:

Dottie Angel -what i love about this blog
* the old time typewriter font
*the shabby-chic look
*...and hec Tif is just an amazing writer!

the Yvestown Blog -I have followedYvonne Eijkenduijn's adventures for years and am always
amazed at her positivity regarding each challenge she faces. Her style is
gorgeous - she is also a big Cath Kidston fan (as i am too!)

Are any of you familiar with these ladies? any other inspiring blogs to share?


  1. Both are new to me, so I'll have to check them out this weekend! Thanks for sharing them! :> Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sue!

  2. This is a nice idea! I am always interested to check out new intersting blogs!

  3. I haven't heard of these blogs, but am definitely going to check them out! One of my favorite blogs is luxirare.com she does SUCH amazing things. Mostly her posts have been about travels, but if you go to her archives and look at her older food posts, they are so insane. Her pie pops, bento boxes, and parfait are just the most amazing things!


love for you to share...