easter and friday faves

fabric easter eggs
I realize I am a bit behind in my blogging...missing my friday faves so without further ado here we go.  In anticipation of Easter I have been whipping up some really sweet fabric eggs - unlike chocolate ones these can be re-used year after year.  I adore home decorations such as this which are handmade and recyclable - I always wanted to make some and found a pattern from Retro Mama who has kindly agreed to selling eggs from this pattern - hopefully will get some in the shop soon! ( I might just have to keep those pictured for myself!) *update* I have added them to the shop here!  Here are a few blogs to check out this week...

♥ obviously the talented Kim from Retro Mama...her carrot and bunny patterns are the cutest!
♥ Heliotrope -..no not the flower (cheeky blog with interesting products) ...the blog

...have fun reading and a great weekend to all!



  1. your stuffed fabric eggs are beautiful!
    Last year i tried those eggs too, but unfortunately i wasn`t succesfull.
    My egg is not a tea cosy , it is just for decoration!

  2. I love this idea, I always like the way easter eggs look, but nobody ever eats the boiled eggs after lol! I'm following from your post on the Etsy Forum, you can follow me back at www.pickfamilynonsense.blogspot.com if you want :)

  3. Fabric eggs! I haven't seen these before!
    I really like the idea.


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