character building

having fun at the beach
my husband playing some folk music to keep spirits up
a few little images of a camping weekend...despite torrential downpours, lightning, severe winds...we managed to get a huge tarp up and go camping...while i was protesting going my husband kept tellling me and the kids it would be a "character building" experience.  he loves "character building" experiences...me, not so much, but in the end i am glad he pushes me out of my comfort zone once and a while.  It ended up being lots of fun...meeting a bunch of new people..hearing some great campfire music with three guitarists..and roasting giant size campfire marshmallows!   do you enjoy camping? do you go in the rain??  i think next time we might upgrade to the trailer from the old school tent..my back would be ever so thankful!

you may have noticed i changed my header to a little more funky and hip - a little less plain...it was time to have a new style to go together with some new products i am busily creating...stay tuned!

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  1. Love the new banner, Sue :)
    I love camping and roughing it. We are camping this weekend. Have yourself and great Canada Day weekend!


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