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Mellos Restaurant, Ottawa.

I think I have posted this picture before but I have such a nostalgia for vintage/retro typography, signs, buildings in my city.  Mello's is one of those old school diners open 24-7...What spurred this fascination again was seeing some illustrations from local artist Colin White.  He has completed a series on confectioneries in the city, buildings which are slowly disappearing and being replaced by modern, sleek condos.  Check out his work here. ( for Ottawa locals - June 2--29th, 2011Confectionaries, new prints by Colin White will be showing at the Raw Sugar Cafe.)  I think I have mentioned it before..but I am on a mission to photograph these signs around town before they dissappear forever.  Are there vintage signs left in your neighborhood?  or have condos replaced them??  would love to know!

another vintage sign..the good ol' fashioned dq..gotta love the giant ice cream cone!



  1. Oh man, how I love DQ!

    And I don't know how I missed you were from Ottawa. One of my favorite cities! I went on a business trip there with my dad when I was 15, and just LOVED it.

  2. I love vintage signs and fonts too! My fav is the Civic pharmacy sign on the corner of Carling and Holland.

  3. I love everything vintage!!! Great idea to photograph them all.

  4. Right on Tweal! I was going to mention that one. I meant to reply to your last post about vintage signs but I kept forgetting.

  5. i ♥ the civic pharmacy one too! gotta get a pic of that one


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