visual art by my son

Pencil Portrait of my husband

mountain and sunrise

clay sculpture

inspired by naive painting style
My son is getting ready to apply to an Arts High School in our city (the only one actually) and he has been hard at work on his portfolio...I am so proud of his accomplishments I just had to share them!  It is quite competitive to get in ..out of 500 applicants every year only half are accepted so I am hoping he gets in...it really is a passion of his to create.  He was even thinking of doing some pencil portraits for tourists in our downtown market area this summer.  Enjoy!


  1. He's very talented. Good luck to him!

  2. Wow, good luck to him! He's quite talented. I particularly like the sketch at the top... really impressive :) Thanks for sharing these. I'm sure he'll be very successful no matter what happens!

  3. Your son is very talented!
    I especially like the sculpture!
    Good luck for his future!


love for you to share...