Completed a custom order for this apron! Have been battling a nasty cold/flu however I am very pleased with how it turned out...I almost don't want to send it away now. It's very comfortable to wear with an adjustable neck strap and handy pocket in the front. I always like to have a pocket on my aprons...it's a must for me, I chose to add a little ric-rack detail on these pockets. I also prefer full size aprons over hostess aprons as I am a messy..errr..creative cook. The colors will camouflage dirt and grime from kitchen cooking. I also like reversible aprons (two for one!) I chose the chocolate brown canvas material for practicality and I like how it plays off the pink tones in the flower fabric. There are so many cute kitscheny fabrics out there to use as a aprons. I have my eye on a fabric called Sweet Tooth by Alexander Henry. Will keep you posted!


  1. Beautiful apron. Did you make the pattern yourself or did you purchase one?

  2. Thank you very much Suzi! I traced an apron I had lying around..made it a bit longer and wider then made up the pockets myself.


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