Veggies & Vintage Retro Cherries

Here is a peek at what we have popping up out of the earth...some nice tender spinach (I hope the rabbits don't eat this - they already destroyed my peas!) Does anybody have tips on how to protect planted vegetables from being eaten - I would love to know...

I could not resist buying this cherry infused cotton tablecloth recently. It has a retro fifties feel to it which I love. It will fit on our outdoor dining table...it is kind of girly looking with the pink and all but ...oh well , it's cheery and summery! My sewing projects are very slowly getting done...there just seems to be so much to do at this time of year. I have cut my working hours to part-time and it is indescribable how much less stressed I am now. I am starting to deep clean my house, get rid of extra toys, junk, stuff we just don't need anymore and complete little projects around the home that have been put on hold for the past year. I love staying at home and feel that is what I am best at, now if I could just get paid to be a homemaker!


  1. I echo you on the desire to be paid as a home-maker. I am glad you are getting some projects done and you house clean-feels good, doesn't it? I like the table cloth-girly is good. I am not sure about the rabbits; a cat ?

  2. You're plants are looking great! In Oregon, my parents had lots of problems with deer eating the plants so they constructed tall barriers out of chicken wire to protect the plants.

  3. Here, here on getting paid for taking care of the family and home!! I so agree on that one! As for keeping the rabbits away from your yummy veggies that look like they are thriving, I unfortunately do not have an answer outsideo of something similiar to what Beth suggested. We have a similiar problem here with our lovely blue jays (please read the dripping sarcasm....blue jays are not my favorite in the animal world right now....they screech all day long!) as they are stealing all of the strawberries off of my kidlet's happy little strawberry plant. We're going to try to put some kind of netting around it so they do not steal the next batch. It sounds like you are enjoying your home, such a wonderful thing! :>


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