Matching Potholder and Coasters

Here is a little potholder made from some scraps - I couldn't resist putting a little hanging loop of flowers and matryoshka tape ( does anybody actually hang their potholders?) I don't know if anybody really does - I place mine in a drawer but I would like to think some people do. While making the potholder I thought four little coasters would be a cute addition. More are in the works as I try to downsize my scrap bag! This was the first time I tried my hand at square quilting? not sure what it was called - fun!
p.s. changed my banner again! think I will stick with this one for a while


  1. I noticed your new banner right away....I like it!! I also really like your coaster & potholder...they look modern with vintage flair (yes, I know those two words are contradictory, but I see that mix a lot these days! :>).

  2. thanks Karen, the picture in your new banner is nice too

  3. ((gasp)) CUTE! I'd hang my pot holders if they looked this cute!!!

  4. I will have to make more and try actually hanging them...thanks for the inspiration!


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