Modern Doorstop

I had a custom order for two doorstops for two sweet little girls (their brother had one so they wanted one too!) I love making these following my pretty and practical philosophy of sewing. I have made one for my daughter and she uses it all the time. We live in a 1950's house so the doors can be a bit wonky. I would like to try my hand at sewing clothing some day. There are a few patterns sitting on my shelf waiting to be sewn. I am not used to the amount of fabric needed for adult clothing. I usually have a half yard or yard here and there and try and make do with little scraps which is why I love finding nice quality thrifted duvet sheets (particularly anything from Ikea) the yardage value can be incredible and it is being put to good use! Does anybody else use sheets or bedding for sewn goods?

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  1. How cute...I really like the red! I haven't used bedding...yet. But, it does seem like a great way to stretch the dollar and the fabric!


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