spring birdies

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I'm still here...having problems with my camera...grrrrrr. I have also been busy sewing a few items for the birth of my new little niece, Lauren...will show those soon...got sidetracked by baby sewing. Since I was so caught up in kid sewing (this is part of my lack of focus problem!) I am attempting to make a little child's messenger bag for who or what I really don't know - ..just got caught up in the inspiration process! this picture is of a few little birdies sewn a while back..they give me hope that spring is coming soon! ...cuteness coming...stay tuned.


  1. Love the birds! I have the Amy Butler book on sewing for babies if you want to stay side-tracked and borrow it.

  2. Aaack! The birds are just way too cute!!! Oh you're not alone. I have serious crafter's ADD. I have so many project going at once it's ridiculous... talk about lack of focus!

    What camera do you have, BTW? I'm considering buying a Canon...

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. I love the fabrics you chose for the birdies!

  4. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog (cluck cluck sew) and really like your style. I can feel fun and enjoyment in the sewing you do.

    Kylie (Australia)


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