wintertime chilly fun

well...i have been without a camera for a while since my husband "borrowed" it...ahh i need my camera to show you all what i have been working on. A hint - the material used to make this project belonged to my grandmother (think sweet vintage fabric with delicate embroidered flowers in yellow and green). With my desire to reduce, reuse and recycle i think i am really going to like this one! we have also been busy hosting two international volunteers - fun and enlightening to hear their combined stories of life in Brazil and Indonesia. will keep you posted but for now here is picture of my two children frolicking on a frozen nearby stream. Keep warm if you are experiencing winter like we are! ciao


  1. Brrrr..... Actually, I'm flashing back to the years I lived in upstate New York as a child. Loved making snow angels. Didn't love my glasses fogging up terribly as soon as I got on the bus...couldn't see a darn thing! Loved listening to the radio for snow days. Didn't love how long into June we had to go to school to make up those snow days. Loved sledding. Didn't love a good chunk of recess getting eaten up from the time it took to put on snowpants, jackets, hats, gloves, and boots. Loved a good snowman. And absolutely love my memories of a great White Christmas! :> Have fun, stay warm, and hope you get your camera back soon! :>

  2. If he wants his dinner, he should return your camera!!! Seriously, not having my camera when I want it effects my ability to make decisions, like "maybe I should be making dinner now". I look forward to the return of your camera: I want to see what you are making!

  3. Oh my... the picture of snow and the kids standing over the frozen creek looks like fun! I can't wait to see what you make out of your grandma's fabric.


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