Lately I have been working on these amazing little beach bags! Made from upcycled fabric I love the colors and how they just scream BEACH. You can stuff so much stuff into these - I made one for myself and am already using it quite a bit...now all I need is warm weather to actually go to the beach! I am also excited to be working on a new design (based on this beach bag). The new design will be smaller and possibly for kids...so many possibilities. My wip pile is getting down too..so glad about that..keep you guys posted! Ciao!


  1. Oh goodness.....blogger just ate my comment!

    Here's attempt #2:

    LOVE this! I immediately thought 'beach bag' before I read what you wrote. In fact, the wide polka straps remind me of a retro bathing suit from the '50's or '60's. :> Hope you get some warm weather soon so that this little gem can take you along to the beach! :>

  2. Perfect beach bag! I love it. I am also going to congratulate you on decreasing your wip pile. You must have more self discipline than I have lol.

  3. I love big bags.
    I love green color.
    pretty and perfect bag.


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