It's blooming spring projects!

Well, I have been busy sewing lately...completed some zip pouches, little elephant crown for my niece and little fabric bucket. I love making these! lots more to come. If I have enough productivity in me I might just have a little spring craft show...for now the pouches will be available in the shop. The top picture has got to be my favorite pattern right now...who can resist birdies on couches! I am also working on a burlap project...does anyone have experience working with this fabric? special needle required? hard to cut? let me know.


  1. Your products are gorgeous! You seriously are lucky to find great fabric.

    I haven't made anything out of burlap so cant help there, unless Burlap is like the canvas used in making swags and dri-as-a-bones, tents etc then I would suggest using a strong "denim needle".

  2. Hi Sue! I'm loving the fabrics you're using! And I can see tons of uses for those little zippered pouches. As for burlap, I've only sewn on it once (making a table top skirt for under a nativity scene). If its a tight weave, I'd recommend a denim needle as well (though, you know WAY more about sewing than I do!!!), but if its a wider weave, you can use your regular needle as I did and had no problems at all. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to with burlap! :>


love for you to share...