little fabric buckets

You may have noticed I changed my header...again! I have so enjoyed making these little fabric buckets - think several look great together or a group of three. In the above picture you may also notice little gray polka dot knobs I recently put on my daughters new (old) dresser. A friend of hers said they look like little mushrooms! The heat has been extreme here in Ottawa so no sewing or crafting has been happening. Our little garden is starting to grow...will post pics another date. Keep cool and keep crafting!


  1. How cute!! Both the fabric baskets and the grey polka dresser pulls! They do remind me of mushrooms. :>

    I've heard that its hot out that way (friends in Maine said it was in the '90s). Apparently, California has its climate and geography mixed up as it is dark, rainy, and cold here today. Though, while I don't need it to be this cold, I'm definitely not missing the triple digit week long heat wave we've had mid May every year for the last few years!!

    Stay cool and enjoy your garden!! (Our zucchini, crooked neck squash, tomato, and red bell pepper all have blooms on them and the strawberry plant has a dozen or so green berries growing and working on ripening! :>)

  2. They're very cute! Love the little applique on the front! :)

  3. I love your header! I really need a header but cant think of what to do. I might lend your idea and make it a collage of my favourite projects.

  4. I love your little buckets so much! Very cute in a group. Thanks for popping by and commenting, I need to get posting again! I'll certainly be popping back here.


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