Haven't been crafting much as the guest part of my sewing studio is being occupied now..we have a friend staying with us who is town for the National Forgiven Summit. He has been traveling from Saskatchewan to Ottawa since March by walking and busing so a little rest will do him well!

A peony in the garden looking all soft and feathery! I am working on a skirt for my daughter which has kind of unconventional colors...orange, pink and brown (think seventies!) it is my first time trying a different method so we will see how it turns out..and hopefully she will wear it. Will be getting a simple summer shirt pattern for her soon too. Do you have any good patterns for simple summer sewing? it would be great to hear if you do..i love to see what other people create. Possibilities seem to be opening with the sunshine!


  1. Northern California has finally seen the sun this weekend and I'm revving up for summer (though if the triple digits would be so kind, I wouldn't mind if they decided to not join us this summer! :>).

    It looks like summer is gracing your yard with flowery beauty! You've captured that peony beautifully. And while your creating space is occupied (what an interesting Summit!!), it sounds like you are still getting your creativity on. :> Looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. thanks Karen...enjoy the sun!


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