Stitch blog!

another version than the above of my baby bear and mini mouse (pattern from Stitch) has been featured on Stitch magazine blog (flickr group update)! yay! thank you very much to Stefanie Berganini, Managing Editor of Stitch for asking me a few questions about baby bear. you can check it out here. Other than that exciting news i have been sewing away for an upcoming craft show...i just don't know how much inventory to bring...also am working on a custom order for an apron (the person i am making it for wanted fall colors so i chose AMH innocent crush in golden...it is fabulous the colors are rich and warm. promise to comment on all your blogs soon...just been too busy as of late..


  1. Awww the baby bear and mini mouse is the cutest thing!

  2. Gorgeous! I have started making that bear (in blues) but I really like your colour scheme much better!


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