little houses

couple of little stuffed houses i made...but what you can't see is the secret pocket in the back which will hold a candy cane come holiday time! these are quite fun to make but very time consuming (about eight pieces in total to cut and sew) ...i am curious do you like quick projects to sew or craft or time consuming ones?


  1. what a nice idea the little stuffed houses i like the colours you have choosen.
    greatings from Germany

  2. I love the house pillows. Sooo cute.
    I enjoy doing both. It just depends on the project.

  3. Very cute!! I love quick and easy projects for a relaxing bit of craft therapy! Easy to finish and not have the unfinished project guilt trip! lol

  4. Those are really cute houses!!
    I definitely like small and quick projects better because they give me a instant gratification :)

  5. Sue, those are too cute. Right now I sew aprons, lots of the same style because we are preparing for a craft show. So what used to take a long time, I'm now making about 10x's faster. Just because I'm making them all the time, I've gotten faster. All this to say that I enjoy quick projects but any long project can beomce a quicker one if you keep doing them.


    BTW - I just found your blog today and am now following you. Check our blog out.


  6. The houses are adorable!!! I love them!


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