nostalgic flowers

I recently made this little girls boutique top...i guess i wish spring was here instead of winter! I love the nostalgic feel to the red and teal flowers with the cream background. I changed up the sleeves to a co-ordinating green diamond print and added a little diamond stitch sewing to the edge of the sleeve to make it unique. I could totally see a little girl having a pretend tea party in this dress! Secretly I don't want to go through winter...instead i will bring the sunshine to my sewing studio and dream of warmer weather!


  1. That is sew sweet. I love the fabrics you chose. While you're in your studio, dreaming of warmer weather, I will enjoy the winter (as long as there is snow and not rain) for the both of us. Mmmm...Hot chocolate, playing with my nephew and nieces in the snow, cozying up with a good book, waking up to a white world, all smooth and beautiful... now I'm day dreaming.


  2. Awesome fabric!

    We in Australia are supposedly in Spring. Dont feel like it though!!! Still having to wear a big bulky coat. Coldest spring on record they tell me. Well as if that makes it better! NOT!


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