sneak peek

here's a prototype I am working on for a cuff.  I currently am loving pinwheels and wanted to design something that incorporates them.  So...there is a little pinwheel sewed on to the cuff...they will be 100 percent wool with a possibility of contrasting colored pinwheels...this is just my mock-up.  Far too often I see perfected images of items with no part of the creative process being shown (which sometimes can be messy!)...so I have decided to be brave and show how I start my process of trials and errors until I have perfected an item to my satisfaction.  I am working on a neat little arrow design to secure it on (not shown)...I hope you follow along to see the final results.  I also posted some pics of completed limited edition Blackberry Cases which is another project I have been doing...check the shop tomorrow when they will be listed. Do you like seeing pics of WIP?   I know I am always curious to see how a project evolves over time..


  1. The cuff is so cute! And I definitely love seeing WIPs!

    Tania xo

  2. Can't wait for the shop to be back up...I check in weekly to see if anything new has popped up :)


  3. Thank you for your sweet comments!

  4. When will the store be back up?? -Jess

  5. the shop is back up and running!


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