plan B

Remember a while back I was fascinated with pinwheels (still am!) and planning to make cuffs...well...had to go to plan B because my supplier of wool won't be carrying the kind I needed!  aaarrghhhh..I still needed to see some pinwheels so i am making drawstring bags made from a natural fabric with the sweetest pinwheels sewn on them!  I have nice fall colors which I want to use so as soon as the kids get to school you know what I will be doing.  I think these would make fab gift/hostess bags, christmas gift bag, party bags, shoe bag..you name it.  I also would love to hear your ideas on unusual christmas color combos.  Not red and green...please let me know what you would like to see!
(p.s.  these particular colors were inspired by the urban craft market poster!)

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