What color is your front door?

After looking at Chris' blog Pink Picket Fence I thought her front door looks really similar to mine! I painted mine last year a deep red from Ralph Lauren called "Hunting Coat Red". I love the contrast with the gray bricks we have (not shown). I have always liked the classic black door too but red is a little zingier. If anyone is familiar with Cityline there is a really good video segment on choosing a front door color here with Sharon Grech from Benjamin Moore. To go with the red door I also had to take pictures of red tulips...What colors are your front doors?


  1. I gave a sneak of the colour of my front door today with a link to you. Thanks for the idea. I think our door needs a touch up but I love red (or pink) doors.

  2. LOVE your tulips!!!! What an awesome punchy red! And as for you door....looks great. I love striking front doors. I have not done anything with ours, but since the sun has beaten on it so much, it now needs to be redone. When I bought the house, it was a warm honey wood, now the clear coat has been scorched by the sun and it looks like I need to think how I want to refinish it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. It seems spring makes us think about the front of our houses more doesn't it? I might be touching up our wood doorstop too..


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