A Little Girls Garden Party Apron

I finished the little apron based on Randi's tutorial from I have to say... (by the way check out her shop Fresh Squeezed Fabrics - fabrics that are hip and modern - love the beater print by Kaufman) anyways...It took me quite a while and a bit of cursing was involved too! did one strap the wrong way..had to completely rip it apart and repeat, the ruffle was a little hard to put on since it was my first time and since I could not decide on pink or brown ric-rac I ended up twisting them together then sewing them down. That twisting part took quite a while (this was an idea I got from those Martha magazines where she twisted red and white ric-rac to make a candy cane apron!)
I also made a little bib for my other niece who turns one this month...why not? the fabric says birthday party to me. Well if i make another one hopefully it won't take as long! well busy weekend ahead catching up on housecleaning - sewed too much this week!


  1. Hmmmm....I don't think you sewed too much.....I just think that there's too much housecleaning for us all! :> A Mary Poppins is high on my wish list! :>

    Your apron came out Very cute! I think the twisted brown and pink was well worth it and makes for a much more defining trim than one of them alone. And that cupcake bib for a one year old's birthday?! That looks like a Perfect photo op to me!! :>

  2. Very cute! The cupcakes are perfect!

  3. Thanks for your comment - never thought of the birthday photo-op but I am now going to bring my camera!

  4. A very successful outcome! I love pink and brown and to have it in ric-rac is even better.


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