A Little Mother's Day Birdie

This is what I have been working on lately (not completed yet)...a little decorative birdie for my mother for mother's day..this little guy is not finished yet however I think he will be cute hung from a Christmas tree in the winter or perched in a little girls room. This pattern is from Better Homes and Garden Creative Edition from my local library. Couldn't you just picture lots of these all together? Too sweet. I have SO many projects I want to work on I will be adding a list of them in my sidebar soon...hopefully you will find some that are interesting and be inspired to make them and I can keep track of them too instead of having a bookmark page that is a mile long. If you do complete some of them let me know...it will take me a lifetime to finish all of them. There are just so many wonderful tutorials out there and so little time!


  1. What a cute little birdie! Love the fabric you chose for the wings. Mother's Day is just two days away and I still haven't come up with something! Yikes!

  2. You still have time! the fabric for the wings is from an upcycled skirt - still have lots left

  3. Just googled 'upcycle' as its a new word to me. Funny that its something I haven't heard considering the environmentally aware area I live in. Guess, I'm just old school and still 'reusing'! :> Thanks for the schooling!!! Always love learning something new....part of the reason why this world o' blogging is great!:>

    Happy Mother's Day!!!


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