Thrifty Vintagy Tins

This is the kind of thrifting that I love! My husband found these tins late at night on the curbside ready for the garbage. They have lovely decorations on them - the black one reminds me of Paris vintage posters. They were completely unused and in perfect condition, now they hold homemade chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Great finds! I love vintage advertising. Maybe we should start regular posts of free/found objects? Invite others to share. You should see how much of my furniture is found.

  2. My husband loves yard sale'ing and finding treasures, but finding something that is on its way to the garbage? That's great! I love the buildings on the bottom one. And the top one is like having several little pieces of art to treat...when you open it to get a treat out of it! :>

  3. Tis' the season for those really great garage sales..good luck to everyone


love for you to share...