Summertime Busy!

I know from this picture of a dessert my son made it doesn't look like I have been busy lately but honestly I have! What with camping, biking, school ending and trying to complete a DEEP cleaning of my house it seems like time has flown by. Haven't been sewing much but getting to it..have some other projects like painting a hallway, painting our front porch and painting our computer table which will take some time...hope all of you are having a nice enjoyable summer...anyone else painting? now to decide on a color......i guess that's a whole other post..

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  1. That desert looks Delish!! And I'll bet having it made by your son makes it taste even better! :>

    When I FINALLY finish getting the wallpaper off of our UNprimed sprayed on textured bathroom walls, I will be painting. I have a teal that coordinates with the new shower curtain and I think I'm going to like it. I even showed hubby the shower curtain (which has at least a half a dozen colors in it...stripes...) and asked him what color he would like. And to my amazement, he picked the same color that I had wanted. That made for a happy paint picking day! Looking forward to reading more about your projects. :>

    I've left you an award on my blog! :>


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