Grocery Bag Holder

Even though I try and remember to bring my cloth bags for grocery shopping I still forget occasionally and end up with plastic bags. I used this tutorial to make a stylish grocery bag holder which coordinates with my kitchen (parts of it are from thrifted material). Do you forget your cloth bags or am I the only one?


  1. I always remember when I'm going to any of the natural foods stores that I shop at for the majority of our groceries, but I almost always forget when I go to the superstores like Target and such. My big trick is to put them back out in my trunk after unloading them so they are there and waiting. What a cute way to store those plastic bags for those moments of forgetfulness, so that they can wait to be reused before being reycled! :>

  2. Thanks for your comment Karen! Still working on remembering to put the cloth bags back in the trunk!


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