I hear the sun calling my name

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The spring weather had been beckoning me outside lately...needed a summery photo so here is some beach glass...love the colors found in here..watery and muted. There is plenty to keep me busy inside (many wips are piling up!) but ahhh they can wait...it's too nice out. I think with this nice weather I might start some painting projects so bare with me as my posts fluctuate from sewing to interior decorating to any other crafting projects that peak my curiosity! A redesigning of my daughter's room might be on the menu. She is at the age where she is outgrowing some toys and expressing an interest in "hanging out" with her girlfriends so her storage needs have changed. Have you been enjoying the weather where you live?...I hope so!


  1. We are approaching Autumn. So it will be goodbye sun for awhile:( If it pokes its smiley face out I would drop what I was doing too and go out and enjoy. I need blue UV rays to keep happy lol

  2. It was a lovely spring day here!! Lots o' sun, but not hot. I hear its supposed to rain again tonight, but today was quite pleasant. We love hunting for sea glass and other ocean treasures when we zip to the coast. Hope you enjoyed your spring day! :>

  3. hello:
    yes,absolutely.Texas is now green,green.
    sunny and windy days.silver moon at nights(very bright and nostalgic).


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