fabric and photos for spring!

....here are some yummy fabrics ready to be cut for some spring sewing! don't quite know what to make with them yet-some ideas are starting to form. I'm starting to have a polka dot obsession- this could get serious. Do you have any spring sewing projects started? I found a great tote pattern in Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross - has anybody tried this one? or any projects from this book? I would love to know! - I like hearing honest, real reviews of sewing projects...kind of helps me decide what to pursue.
...here is another photo in the shell series. The sun was just setting when I captured this on film.
and lastly a bucket full of shells and beach glass. I love beach glass so much-the colors and textures. Unfortunately I don't live near any sort of ocean (lots of lakes and rivers) so whenever I visit my sister on the west coast I stock up. Smooth beach rocks are so common there I try to take back as many as I can. To make them black and shiny she rubs them with lavender oil. If you do this and line them up in a simple narrow olive dish you will have a great little display...(plus you have the added bonus of lavender scent). Well if you are into movies don't forget to enjoy the Oscars tomorrow - I know I will be! Happy weekend crafting!


  1. Hi Sue! Those fabrics ARE yummy! Love those sweet little mushrooms and those white polkas are just too fun on the red! Great pics again...love how you cropped (or filled the frame) with the one with the shells in the bowl. Thanks for the tip about rubbing in oil.......I wouldn't do lavendar oil (allergic), but its a great tip and I think I'll try it with an oil that doesn't make me sneeze. :> Hope you are in the middle of a wonderful weekend!

  2. Really yummy fabric! Lots of people have caught the polka dot fabric bug so you are not alone lol.

    I don't have the "Weekend Sewing" book yet but am waiting for it to turn up in my local bookstore! But I have bought "The Perfect Handmade Bag" by Clare Youngs and I love it more and more each time I read it. I am currently making the bag on the cover.

  3. thanks for commenting, Karen and antmee...the handbag book sounds really interesting..will have to check out!

  4. Wonderful fabrics and shells!
    I love it!

    Laura from Italy


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