memory apron

I posted a while back about a vintage tablecloth from my grandmother...finally I have turned it into an apron! I love the fact that it is practical yet full of memories at the same time. The side panels are from a thrifted Ikea duvet cover (love this pacman pattern!) I added a little lace trim just under the waistband to give a vintage flair. I blended a couple of patterns up in this one to create my own style..the only thing I screwed up on was the length of the waist ties. I love super long ties that wrap around in back and front. I will have to harness my impatience in the next one I sew to make sure I get the length right. Slowly tackling my list of wips...keep ya posted! one down...tons to go.


  1. Sweet apron. I love that you have used something from your grandma to make it.

  2. Such a sweet way to have your grandmother along with you in the kitchen! And good for you for completing a wip....I've got a ton of those on my buffet (a plate simply would not hold all of them!!! :> lol)!


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